Country Life on Maui & Beyond

There is so much more to this young country boy's life than just music... Pat has had a diverse life growing up around the world on tour with his father's band The Doobie Brothers. He is a rural northern California native, born on the remote Mendocino coast, yet remains a true Maui local, living on the family farm for over 20 years; planting trees and rare Hawai'ian plants. Walking his talk on and off the stage, he carries the message and values of Aloha 'Āina (Love for the land). Values that teach respect and care for the land that feeds us and supports all life. He feels the responsibility to practice and perpetuate traditional Kanaka Maoli knowledge of his geographic area, as a guest and steward of the 'āina. Pat is part of a culturally diverse community of islanders who care for the natural environment through simple living. This means protecting what is sacred and having a positive impact on the land and water by gathering food locally, growing fruits and vegetables organically and supporting all forms regenerative agriculture throughout the islands. Surviving cancer, acquiring a degree in Ecology, and raising a child on the same land he was raised on in Maui are all part of what has shaped this young man's mission. 

"It's all about the future generation!" - Pat Simmons Jr.